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Throughout the world, there are tens of thousands of waiting children available for adoption internationally every year. Many of the children available for international adoption are considered special needs. This can be due to a specific health condition or disability, race, age or any other factor that makes the child more difficult to place. In countries where adequate medical treatment is unavailable or costly, children with health problems are nearly impossible to place. For most of these children, the chance of being adopted in their country is very small... generally only the youngest and healthiest children ever have a chance of being adopted. Also, in many countries, there are cultural, religious, or financial barriers that make adoption difficult. 

Families in the USA and a few other countries have found that adopting children internationally is a viable and worthwhile means of building their family. There are many reasons that families choose to adopt internationally and many countries to choose to adopt from. The choices in international adoption are vast and a family can choose to adopt a child of nearly any age, heritage, culture, appearance or any other attribute they feel is important to them. 

We became increasingly interested and involved in international adoption while in the process of doing our two Russian adoptions. As we were completing our second adoption in early 1997, a friend asked if we were interested in helping to start an adoption agency. Sandy became the President of the Board and led this agency until the spring of 2004. Dan also worked with the agency, beginning part-time as the IT manager and over the years becoming more and more involved and by mid 2003 was the office manager and director of the Washington State office. In the spring of 2004, we decided to leave this agency and start a new agency to more closely follow our desire to place special needs children. This new agency, Kids to Adopt, opened in January 2005 and places primarily special needs children. Since 1997, we have assisted in placing over 800 children with adoptive families in the USA and abroad.


Kids to Adopt

Not-for-profit international adoption agency located in Vancouver, Washington.

Click here to see their waiting child listing.


A Child's Embrace

A Child's Embrace provides educational, support and other services to adoptive families and those interested in adoption.


Adoption Services Northwest

Adoption Services Northwest is an adoption agency consulting service providing IT, management and marketing solutions.


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