Austin Michael

Austin is our 3rd adopted child, and our first adopted in the USA.

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New updated pictures from 2002!!!!  Click here

Born Wed 11/14/01  6lb 14oz

Austin with birthfather Cameron

Austin with adoptive dad Dan

Cameron and Grandma Anne

Cameron, Anne and adoptive mom Sandy

In the NICU at UCI Medical Center

Thur, Grandma Anne and Sandy talk with one of Austin's delivery nurses.


Austin's big brother Ben with Cameron

Birth mom Holly with Grandpa.

Austin with Adoptive parents Dan and Sandy.

Birth parents Holly and Cameron.

Sandy talking with Holly's family and friend.

Sandy rocking Austin in the NICU.

Thur evening

Austin with grandama Anne

UCI Medical Center

Grandama arrives to visit.

Looking up at the waiting room windows.

Meeting with Dr. Sills

The moms doing paperwork

Holly enjoying the sunny patio.

Moved from the NICU to the ISCU.

Dan feeding the baby in the ISCU.

Tues, 6 days old.

Dan's sister Dee visits Austin.

Getting a transfusion before going home.

1 week old!

Here's what pics we have... hope you enjoyed them!

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