Hi! I'm Kyle, the not so little, little brother to Steven.

Like my big sister Nadia, I'm also adopted from Russia.
Dad came to get me from the hospital in Shakhty where I lived.
He wrote a story about his adoption trip to Russia.   He also has some pictures from his trip to get Nadia.

adopted from russia kidstoadopt.org This is me in November 1997, just a couple of months after getting home.  Dad came to Russia to get me and bring me home in September. 
Here is a picture of  my dad and me at Grandma and Grandpa's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm still a bit hungry from not getting enough to eat when I lived in Russia.  I think I ate more than dad did! Dan-Kyle_Nov1998.jpg (16933 bytes)
Kyle_Halloween_1998.jpg (13429 bytes) I like dressing up in costumes.  This is me in my Halloween costume in 1998.
Me and Steven playing in the snow on a trip we took to Idaho. Kyle_snowballs_Nov2000.jpg (14874 bytes)
Kyle_xmas_2000.jpg (14825 bytes) My cool Christmas hat!
Kyle.jpg (10556 bytes)
Kyle_Trooper_Jan2001.jpg (23279 bytes) Me sharing the recliner with our new puppy Trooper.
My latest picture! Kyle_apr2001.jpg (10912 bytes)

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