Hi, I'm Nadia!

I used to live in St. Petersburg, Russia.  I now live in Washington, USA. I lived in Washington State since February '98 when my Dad came to Russia to adopt me. My Mom stayed at home to take care of my two little brothers (my brother Kyle is also adopted from Russia) so my Aunt Dee went to Russia with my Dad. Recently I moved to Southern California and am now living with my Aunt and going to school there. 

I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta and have not been able to walk because my leg bones were bowed.


I had surgery at Shriner's Hospital in Portland, Oregon to straighten my femurs (upper leg bones) in May '98 and was in a spica cast for 6 weeks.

  walking in my spica cast - waiting for it to come off TODAY!Bob is very fast with that cast saw.The cast is almost ready to come off, just a couple more spots to cut.
Walking in my cast                  Cutting the cast off                     It is almost off!

Mom and my nurse Sherrie helping me put lotion on my legs after the cast came off  

These pictures are off a video taken July 7th, the day I finally got my cast off. My legs are now nice and straight and I hope to be able to walk soon! I also had surgeries when I was in Russia to straighten my tibias and fibulas (lower leg bones). I was still in a cast from my last surgery there when my Dad came to get me.  


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