Here are some more pictures of me and my adoptive family!


DanSandyNadia_July2000.jpg (20365 bytes)

Me, mom and dad at the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 2000



Nadia_1stdayschool_Feb1998.jpg (15744 bytes)          Nadia_Spring1998.jpg (14797 bytes)

My first day of school in the USA!       Lounging around after a busy day at school.


Nadia_cast_June1998.jpg (13244 bytes)

Stuck in bed in a double hip spica cast.


Nadia_Family_Nov2000.jpg (28037 bytes)

Me, mom, Kyle and Steven in Nov 2000.


Nadia_Girlscouts_1999.jpg (9767 bytes)           Nadia_Grandpa_July1998.jpg (14692 bytes)

This is me in a dress... YUCK!  It's hard to get jeans on a spica cast.


Nadia_Steven_TVStudio_Dec2000.jpg (15616 bytes)

Me with Steven at the TV Studio.


Nadia_WOWrace-2000.jpg (15057 bytes)

Ready to start my big race... I set the State Record!!


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