Dan is the oldest of 3 children, and the only one of the 3 to not have OI. He has helped out with various OIF functions including picnics, dances and the 1988 OIF National Conference that was held in San Jose, CA.  He has volunteered as a parent contact for OIF and helped run a workshop, with Sandy, at the 1990 conference.

Dan has now made two trips to Russia to adopt children.  The first adoption trip was to the southern part of Russia, to Rostov-on-Don in Sept '97, and the second was to St. Petersburg in Feb '98.  Dan found the people to be friendly, the food to be good, and the architecture was fabulous!  Moscow celebrated it's 850th anniversary in Sept '97 and many of the buildings had been cleaned and restored for the occasion.

Dan worked in the semiconductor industry with photolithography and dry etch equipment for 10 years before changing careers to computer networking. Dan spent several years as the IT manager and branch office manager for an adoption agency located in Portland, OR. He and Sandy are currently working on starting an international adoption agency in Vancouver, WA. called Kids to Adopt. Dan also volunteers for A Child's Embrace and often is giving adoption seminars or taking with prospective adoptive parents on the phone or by e-mail.

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