Sandy, along with her friend Debbie, founded the California Satellite Chapter of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation in 1985.  Sandy has served as an officer for 'Satellite' and has also been on the Board of Directors of OIF.  She has been a contact person for people with OI for many years and has done workshops at OIF Conferences.  Sandy retired from a large computer manufacturer in the early 1990's.

Dan and Sandy originally met at an OIF meeting held at Shirley's house and began dating after the 1988 OIF National Conference.  We married in September 1989. Our wedding was taped for a video produced by OIF and a segment was shown on a Sally Jesse Rafael show about OI.

Sandy seems to have a talent for finding families for children available for adoption and has helped to unite several families and children in the months we were working on our first adoption. She has made many friends and contacts in the adoption community since we began our road to adoption in early 1997.  Sandy is a co-founder and President of the Board of Kids to Adopt, a non-profit international adoption agency with offices in the Vancouver, WA. She also talks with prospective adoptive parents and families about Special Needs adoption and helps to find families for any available children with OI that she hears about.  She is also a board member and volunteer for A Child's Embrace, as an adoption consultant, educator and speaker.

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