Steven was born in August 1995, 5 weeks early, after a troublesome pregnancy for Sandy.  We knew he would have OI since Sandy had done a CVS test at 10 weeks gestation.  We also had several high resolution sonograms done during the pregnancy to monitor his growth and any problems that might have occurred because of the OI.  He was carried from the delivery room to the neonatal nursery on a pillow as the doctors did not know how fragile he might be.

Steven on pillowHe was doing great, until at 2 weeks old he broke his femur while Dan was changing his diaper.  He had two more fractures at 5 and 11 weeks that only showed on the x-rays after they had begun healing. After this, Steven did very well until March 97, when, due to a bow in the bone, his femur broke again while he was walking.  This was a bad fracture, and because of the bowing in his femur, it was decided that we should have his leg 'rodded'.  The surgery went well and the doctor was pleased and surprised that the bone was much stronger than he had anticipated.  Recovery was 4 weeks in a double hip spica cast, then a few more weeks of learning to stand and walk again.

Golf is Steven's favorite sport and he has played in several tournaments, including 2 years at the Pepsi Little People's tournament in Quincy, IL. He has played in the Care Cup (a benefit for Vancouver Childrens Therapy Center) and is the first (and only) person receiving services from VCTC to play in their annual tournament. He has been on TV in Portland and in Quincy. Steven plays regularly at The Children's Course and has made many friends in the golf community.

Steven's latest fracture was December 2004, when he fell in the kitchen. He broke his femur for the 7th time! (he has had about 15 fractures so far) He also bent the titanium rod in his leg and had to have it replaced.

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