Hi!  I'm Steven (Kyle's BIG! brother).

My favorite things to do are golfing and reminding Kyle that I am the big brother even if he is taller than me.

I have Osteogenesis Imperecta.  That means my bones are brittle and they break easily.
My first broken bone happened when my dad was changing my diaper when I was about 3 weeks old.
Since then I have had several more breaks, 9 of them in my right femur (thigh bone)!
I've also had surgery (four times) to put metal pins in my leg to help keep it from breaking.

Also be sure to check out my Golf and Video pages!

Steven_baby_Dan.jpg (7751 bytes)
Hey Dad!   What's that thing on your face?
Gpbaby10.jpg (13127 bytes)
Me with my first broken leg.
The splint was not helping much,
the fracture was just about at the top end of it.
Steven_age19months_cast.jpg (11377 bytes)
Home from surgery, they put a metal pin in my leg.
TheKids_Aug2000.jpg (25132 bytes)
Birthday time!  Nadia, me and Kyle ready for cake!
My Grandma Shirley made me Scooby Doo cookies.
Kyle_Steven_1998.jpg (21830 bytes)
Kyle and me having fun.
Steven_car_Aug2000.jpg (14958 bytes)
When is this cast coming off?
Steven_Music_2000.jpg (11769 bytes)
Can I get my own CD player?
Steven_sleeping_Aug2000.jpg (28086 bytes)
It's just hard to get comfortable in this thing!
Steven_fishingWOW_July2000.jpg (21173 bytes)
Are there really fish in here?
Steven_crutches_Oct2000.jpg (10517 bytes)
The cast is off at last!
Steven_WOW_2000.jpg (15003 bytes)
Ribbons from the Oregeon State Games.


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