This is my GOLF page!

I love to play golf.
My mom and dad don't know why I got interested in golf, neither of them has ever played.
Dad has been a good sport and is learning to play (he's not very good at it though).

For some strange reason, we don't have many pictures of me playing without a cast.
There are a few, so I'll get mom to scan in some to put up on my page.

I've also been on TV!  Check out my video page too!

Steven_golfing_walker_Aug2000.jpg (25882 bytes)
Taking a few practice shots with my 7 iron.
Steven_golfing_wheelchair3_Aug2000.jpg (16458 bytes)
Hey, did you notice that I play left handed?
Steven_golfing_wheelchair_Aug2000.jpg (27128 bytes)
Another great putt, this one goes in!
Steven_Paul_TV_Aug2000.jpg (19718 bytes)
Taping my second appearance on Paul Linnman's Spirit of the Northwest news segment.
Check out my video page to view videos of my TV appearances.
Steven_age5_flag2.jpg (28110 bytes)
Mr. Brown gives me a Tiger Woods signed Master's flag!
He won it at an auction to raise money for the Children's Course
which is where I play every week.
StevenSCPI3.jpg (14592 bytes)
This is me with the Chairman of the SCPI Charity Golf Tournament.
For several years, the SCPI Tournament has been raising money for
the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation.
001103-012.jpg (34292 bytes)
Dad and I cruising the SCPI Golf Tournament.
Even though I broke my leg (tibia this time)
I still was able to hit the first tee shot to start the tournament.
001103-016.jpg (30041 bytes)
I also helped many of the golfers by putting for them.
I made several good putts, many for birdies and even a couple of eagles!
I made a putt for these guys that all of them missed! (boy were they happy!)

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