I've been on TV!!

Everyone keeps saying I'm a great golfer.
I don't know much about that, I just love to play.

I've been on TV a few times.
I really like being on TV with Paul Linnman who is our evening news anchorman.
(whatever that means)

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katu_snw1.jpg (14609 bytes)
Paul Linnman's Spirit of the Northwest.
This was my first TV appearence.
katu_amnw1.jpg (108306 bytes)
I was invited by Paul to be on the KATU morning show the next week.
kgw.jpg (15525 bytes)
My next time on TV was on channel 8 news.
katu_snw2.jpg (119602 bytes)
Another Spirit of the Northwest appearance.
This time with a broken leg.
katu20oct.jpg (10361 bytes)
Getting a Tiger Woods signed Master's flag!
There are a couple more videos to come...

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