My mom's name is Natasha. She is so kind, such a wonderful woman. She likes to cook so much, and we like to eat it. She likes to read, especially novels, to do shopping and watch serials. She is all for me.
My dad's name is Pasha. He has great humor and the same time can be so serious. His passions are cars and football. He likes all kind of sport. He is a very sympathetic person. 
My sister's name is Masha. She is 14 years old. She is cute, smart, and a very independent girl. She likes to watch TV, listen to music, go shopping (she is crazy about clothes), play computer games, chat about boys - all stuff that teens like to do. She is a very good student and has good grades. We have a lot of fun together.  
My cousin: Her name is Katy. She is 21 years old. She is very beautiful, smart and intelligent. She works in a furniture's store. She has a very good humor and a nice smile. She likes to spend free time with her friends, listen to music, and to go shopping. We are very close.  
My aunt: Her name is Lida. She is very active and a confident person. She likes to go to the museums, theaters, and cinemas. She likes to read a lot.  


My mom and sister My dad and cousin My cute cousin My aunt - Lida My cousin - Katy
My cousin and her son My grandmom and granddad My sister, my cousin & me My cat - Luisik Katy and her......
My mom and aunt Masha & her godson Masha and Katy My sister's party