Dan, Sandy and me
Steven, Kyle and me
I'm holding sweet baby - Austin

My US experience was great, I had so much fun with my host family, friends,of course, I had to work very hard to improve my English, to know knew culture but I had a lot of support from people. I had wonderful and friendly host family, all members of these family were so kind and nice to me. We did so much fun stuff together. I like them and very apreciate their help and support during whole year.

My host mom's name is Sandy. She is 41 years old. She is the President of the Board for Kids to Adopt in Vancouver, Washington. Kids to Adopt is a non-profit international adoption agency that places children from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Bulgaria with adoptive families in the United States. The focus of Kids to Adopt is special needs and older children. They also provide medical equipment to children in need. She is very nice and kind women, she put a lot of confidence in myself.

My host dad's name is Dan. He is 42 years old. He works for Kids to Adopt as the manager and Executive Director. The address is http://www.kidstoadopt.org if you wish to see what they do. He has also built a nice website about his family which is located at www.oifamily.com.

They have four children, Steven who is 7 years old, Kyle who is 6 years old, Nadia who will be 14 years old in November., and little Austin who is just 9 months. Both Kyle and Nadia were adopted from Russia. Kyle was adopted from Shakhty at the age of 14 months and Nadia from St. Petersburg at the age of 9 years. Austin was adopted from California. He is the sweetest boy I ever met. All of them have sport activites which they love. Steven plays golf just perfect, he is very smart and cute boy. Kyle does jymnastic, he likes run and jump. He likes do puzzels, colore pictures, he always helps his mom. Kyle is very sweet boy. Nadia likes to play bascketball, she is very smart and independent girl. We had really great time together.

This family is very active in the community and children belong to a group called WOW (Winners On Wheels) which is a scouting group for disabled children. Dan and Sandy both do a lot of volunteer work and try to help other families and adults with disabilities.

This family bacame so close to me and I wish one day they can visit my family and me in Russia!


Koneeta!!! We watched Indian's dances.
We are in Koneeta!!!
We are in Indian's Museum.
Twin picks in San Francisco.
Chimney Tree in California.
Drive through huge tree in California.
Kyle and me on ocean in California.
On ocean in California
Marina, Yulia and me in Washington DC!!!
Our group, behind us Lincoln Memoria.l
We are with representative of Washington St. Baird Brian.
Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC.
My experience to ski on
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Mount St Helens in state Oregon.

I never forget my trip to USA, I was done a lot during this year (2001 - 2002). I visited five states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Virginia) and the capital Washington DC, went to ski, saw the Pacific Ocean, get grate experience from Key Club and WOW (Winners on Wheels), had the surgery witch was very successful, met good friends and just nice people.

And at the end I want to say THANK YOU to everybody who helped me to have THE GREAT YEAR IN USA, especially to my host family!!!!